First Art Newspaper on the Net

“Valuable resource for current information on the art world. Features a series of timely stories covering a variety of art-related news and events internationally. Special sections offer a list of exhibitions sorted by museum, country, and opening and ending dates; coverage of major art events and festivals; informative pages on major art museums worldwide (without links to their websites); reviews of exhibits and stories of special interest; and information on famous events in history for each day of the year plus a daily art quiz.”

During several years the Encyclopedia Britannica together with Newsweek Magazine classified and graded what they considered was the best of the web. Britannica made a rigurous selection, to our satisfaction, and for example, in our category of Organizations / Publications, nobody reached the greatest distinction of five stars, reserved for “The Best of the Web”. Nevertheless, they gave Artdaily. org, the first art newspaper on net,  4 stars in what they called “Superior”. Established in 1996, here is the Artdaily, during several years, in this distinguished rank, together with other six websites in the category of Organizations and Publications. That venture of Britannica and Newsweek lasted several years.

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