Your Kitchen Is A Medicine Store !!!

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-Consuming 2-3 garlic cloves a day can help you control your bloodpressure.
-Fenugreek seeds, turmeric, onion and bitter gourd is useful in controlling diabetes.
-Coriander seeds and leaves, celery and cucumber have natural diuretic properties – i.e. they are good for yourkidneys and hence also good for yourheart, since heart and kidneys work hand-in-gloves.
-Red grapes and oranges are good sources of potassium – which helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
-Ginger is very useful in getting rid of nausea and is also a favouredhome remedy for motion sickness.
– Cinnamon is useful in controlling blood sugar and is also useful incontrolling pain due to arthritis.
-Cumin seeds and caraway seeds have digestive properties and can be used to treat mild indigestion.
-Mint leaves can be used to treat mild stomach aches and cramps.
-Asafoetida is quite useful in treating flatulence i.e. gas in our gastro-intestinal tract.
-Clove oil is very useful in getting relief from tooth ache. It also has antiseptic properties.
-Turmeric is very useful in treating infected wounds due to its antiseptic properties and helps in faster healing of wounds.
-Honey is very useful in treating mouth ulcers and also helps in faster healing of wounds. Honey can also be applied to mild burns to help it heal faster.
-Tomatoes are very good for our heart as they contain anantioxidant known as Lycopene.
-Yoghurt is very good for treating stomach upset because they contain probiotics or good bacteria which help in suppressing the harmful bacteria in our gastro-intestinal tract.
-Curd is useful in treating dandruff. Also lemon juice mixed with salt can also be scrubbed on the scalp to get rid of dandruff.
-Gargling with warm water mixed with salt and turmeric powder is helpful in treating sore throat.
-Pumpkin seeds are quite effective in treating disorders of prostate gland.