Shiv Sena attacks ‘The Week’ in Mumbai

‎30 Shiv Sena activists arrested for vandalising office of media in Lower Parel
Some 25 to 30 Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Kamgar Sena (BKS) activists vandalised the Mumbai office of the Malayala Manorama Group of Publications and assaulted three executives. The activists belonging to the Sena and its labour outfit BKS — led by local corporator Kishori Pednekar, shakha pramukh Deepak Bagwe and BKS office bearer Dilip Pannikar —barged into the Malayala Manorama Group’s marketing and circulation office. The protesters demanded an immediate settlement to a labour dispute which is pending before a Mumbai court. In a statement issued later in the day, the Malayala Manorama Group noted, “Upon entering the office, they (the miscreants) went to the cabin of Geogi Eapen Zachariah, deputy general manager of sales. Under the pretext of holding discussions, they began abusing Zachariah.” “When Zachariah tried to reason with them, he was slapped and kicked repeatedly by around seven of these activists, who also snatched his phones. They even damaged the landline telephone connection inside Zachariah’s cabin and vandalised it.,” “The mob also manhandled Shree Kumar Menon and Varghese Chandy, both senior general managers of Malayala Manorama Group, when they tried to reason with the mob in order to pacify them, and verbally abused the entire staff,” the newspaper group stated.