Useless Vatican missionaries in India

Jorge Monteiro from Mumbai writes in Goa’s only newsletter  Goanet subscribed by around 50,000 Goans worldwide:

The strongest opposition to birth control & population control in the world is from the Pope/Vatican as though planet earth has unlimited resources to satisfy the wants and needs of everyone???? If  Pope/Vatican love more human beings then they should be kind enough to allow 1 Lakh slum dwellers from Bombay to permanently settle wherever there are open spaces in Vatican city! And also instruct the catholic missionaries caritas catholic relief services in India to utilize their foreign funds to hire passenger ships to transfer the 1 Lakh Slum dwellers from Bombay to Vatican city..

The Pope/Vatican should also be kind enough to persuade the governments of USA, UK, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA and NEWZEALAND to allow 500 million people from India to permanently settle in Western Countries without any passport visa travel documents.

Majority of the white people in Europe have abandoned Catholicism due to which even on Sundays the churches in Europe are almost empty; instead of bothering about religious conversion activities in Asia &
Africa the Pope/Vatican should be more concerned with reviving Catholicism in their own backyard.

All Jains in India have Hindu names. All Jains apart from worshipping (Lord) Mahavira also worship Hindu Gods especially Ganpati, Laxmi, Krishna & Durga. Many office bearers & activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) are from the Jain community even the International General Secretary of VHP
Dr. Pravin Togadia is a Jain. Many Jain diamond merchants, traders, shopkeepers, builders, Corporates, industrialists donate money to the VHP. VHP has been aggressively involved in anti-muslin &
anti-christian activities all over India for more than 20 years. The cash rich VHP also transfers funds to RSS & Bajrang Dal. Fortunately for the Jain community the Indian news media does not report on the association of the Jain community with the VHP.

The only reason why the rss-vhp- bajrangdal- shivsena stopped bothering Muslims is because many Muslim groups &  youth are associated underworld,etc with the help of Pakistan Army & ISI began retaliating with bombs.

Excluding Goa , Kerala and Nagaland, Christians in all other states in India are under a PERMANENT THREAT from Right Wing Hindu groups & Slumlords & fascist groups & land mafia & hired goons of politicians & some pro-rssvhpbajrangdal hindu ias/ips officers & builders mafia. And are also
finding it extremely difficult to get Central/State Government jobs, govt. housing & other govt. facilities. And finding it difficulty in getting civic facilities. And finding it difficult in preventing the state
machinery from taking away their ancestral agricultural lands. And in the private sector where most of the Christians work they are humiliated & tormented by their Hindu co-workers. But then what is the point in complaining when The command to endure suffering is just another part of a Christian’s life?? Faithful Christians of all ages have suffered; we are not the only ones??We should expect more sufferings to come because we are living in a country where the majority Hindu community is hostile to
Christians.The only sad part is most of the Christian Clergy in India are pre-occupied with misusing church funds, illegally selling away vacant church properties & siphoning off the money, preventing children of poor Christians from getting admission in Christian schools AND most of the Christian missionaries in India are pre-occupied with utilizing their foreign funds to serve poor non-Christians. The Christian clergy & missionaries are turning a blind eye to the plight of poor Christians.

The membership to the Roman Catholic Church in Bombay is good for those who want to live a non-combative non-aggressive non-ambitious unhealthy unhygienic  lazy dormant alcoholic ‘susegaad’ (laidback) politically-inactive & a poor life;  improving the health wealth housing of the catholic community in Bombay is not the priority of the catholic clergy in Bombay. In Bombay Christians
need a different type of church & priests whose mission should be of improving the health wealth housing of Christian parishioners.

Govt. of India can stop the growth of population by strictly enforcing two child policy all over India, abolish polygamy, increase the legal marriageable age from 18/21 years to 25 years. Various NGOs and Govt. depts. have reported that by 2030 India will become the most populated country in the world so expect all these problems to multiply manifold : lack of peace, lack of education, lack of jobs or other employment, lack of hygiene, lack of sanitation medicines and health care, lack of transport, food shortage, water shortage, land shortage, growth of slums, inflation, poverty, anger, fights, beating, shouting, quarrels, crying, breaking of things, arson, rioting, communal disharmony, forced begging, forced labor, committing variety of crimes, various nefarious activities like smuggling, settling personal feuds or in creating trouble during elections, mob mentality and damage and burning of public and private property. “j.m.” <>


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