Oommen Chandy is Congress’s 007 in Kerala, just following PM

K.P. Sasi, a film maker, cartoonist and a writer writes in his article titled When Spies Rule The World in Countercurrents.org:

…..Instead of an open apology for the communal witch hunt through e-mail spying, The Oommen Chandy Government is trying to get new victims from the minorities connecting them with the e-mail issue. The provocation against Advocate Shahnawas as being admitted by the authorities is that he played a role in bringing out the e-mail issue with Viju V. Nair in an attempt to communalise the issue. Anybody with the right frame of mind can understand who is playing the communal card. If Oommen Chandy wishes to maintain a secular image, immediate action has to be taken on those who are responsible for violating the privacy rights of his electorate and not action on those who are responsible for bringing out the story to the public.

….But the real debate should be on the next two responses of the Chief Minister: 1. That the surveillance was a `routine exercise’ and therefore, there is no need to make a hue and cry on this, 2. Madhyamam weekly is trying to communalise the issue. These are the real issues that must be debated in Kerala.

….The real shame for Kerala brought out by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is the statement that surveillance is a `routine exercise’. Here is a Chief Minister who has the guts to tell the civil society of Kerala that his Government along with his police machinery has a right to invade into the privacy of anybody on the pretext of national security.

….Out of 268 people whose e-mails have been surveiled, 258 people are Muslims. The question here is that in a state where only 26 per cent of the population are Muslims, why 95 percent of the surveilled are Muslims? Who is playing the communal card here? Is it Madhyamam weekly, Advocate Shahnawas or Oommen Chandi? The answer is obvious to any thinking citizen.

…..Nobody in the list of 268 people had any criminal records. It had many important people like teachers, professionals, businessmen, politician and more important: it included Muslim journalists in the mainstream media of Kerala, like Mathrubhumi, Madhyamam, Chandrika, Thejas, etc. For the full list of people under surveillance, click here.

…..The Chief Minister can express a sigh of relief due to one fact: That he is not the only spy. Even Manmohan Singh is trying to master this art of spying. 

Read the full article: When Spies Rule The World

DOG or GOD: Canelo, 12 years on the hospital door waiting for his friend to come out !!!

This is a true story that begins in the late 80’s. “Canelo” was the dog of a man who lived in Cadiz, southwest Spain. A pet that followed his owner to all places and at all times. This anonymous man lived alone, so the good dog was his most loyal friend and only companion.

Every morning you could see them walking together through the quiet streets of the city when the old man took his friend for a walk. Once a week one of these walks would take them to Puerta del Mar Hospital, where the man was undergoing dialysis treatments due to kidney complications.

Due to the hospital‘s rules of not allowing animals inside, he always left Canelo waiting at the door. The man would undergo his treatment, meet Canelo at the door on his way out, and together they would head home. This was a routine that had bee going on for a long time.

One day the man suffered complications in the midst of his treatment, doctors were unable to help him and he died in hospital. Meanwhile, Canelo as always, was waiting outside on his own lying by the door of the health center. But this time, his owner never came.

The dog sat there, waiting. Neither hunger nor thirst would persuade him to walk away from the door. Day after day, cold, rain, wind or heat, he continued lying at the hospital’s door waiting for his friend to come out so they could go home.

This video was made in tribute to Canelo, 12 years waiting for his friend !!!

The locals realized the situation and felt the need to care for the animal. They took turns to carry water and food, even managed to get a pardon for Canelo when the pound took him to be sacrificed.

Twelve years was the time that the noble animal waited outside the hospital for his friend to come back. He never sought a new family. He knew his only friend had gone through that door, and that he should wait for him so they could return home together.

The wait lasted until December 9, 2002, when Canelo was run-over and killed by a car outside the hospital. A tragic end to a wonderful example of loyalty and unconditional love.

Canelo’s story was well known throughout the city of Cadiz, which in recognition of the love, dedication and loyalty of Canelo, named an alley after him and put up a plaque in his honor.

“Agaden (Association for the defense and study of nature) adopted him, vaccinated him and arranged the papers to stop him being an undocumented stray dog. And although various foster families were offered to him, Canelo always managed to escape, and time and time again he returned to the hospital to wait.

People fed him and cared for him like a family member. Canelo wasn’t a stray dog, he was everyone’s dog, the dog of Cadiz