There is a political agenda always at play in ‘Media’

Arun Tambimuttu, Presidential coordinator for the Batticaloa district, Batticaloa Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Organizer and a member of the Sri Lankan delegation to UNHRC sessions in Geneva,  in an interview with the Daily News says:

In the mass media there is a political agenda always at play. The media portrays everything in a very political manner. Reporting is always sensationalized. Bad or negative news always gets priority. Good news is never given priority or published/broadcast/telecast quickly/on time. It is understandable because there is a saying that bad news travels faster than good news. The media still propagate either Tamil or Sinhala nationalism. First of all, local media institutions should go for reconciliation and shed petty differences such as state media, private media, Sinhala newspapers, Tamil newspapers etc. Truth should be reported without being sensationalized.

The younger generation has less communal feelings and they are moving away from biases and biased entities. It may take time but we have to reach reconciliation and the media can speed up this process. The ordinary people get all the information either from the media or politicians. Therefore, they believe that everything that comes to them through those channels is biased.

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