Employment enewspaper – Another success with Gandhism

People will buy the Employment News Paper weekly but no one will think that why does not Government put it on their website? Government’s motto is also not to make profit but still why the hell I am wasting 72 pages (and hence cutting so many trees weekly)? People keep saying that you just can’t change the way this public administration is working.


Now, Employment news online, thanks to RTI Anonymous !!

Now, Employment news online, thanks to RTI Anonymous !!

Now see the way we people at Getup4change changed it..

We started taking pictures of the paper and uploading it every week on our website ( http://getup4change.org/employment/ ). Simultaneously we kept bombarding the various officers, political leaders and ministers with our humble calls and mails. Things went the same way for almost 3 months but we did not give up. But one day they have do it, and they finally agreed to upload an E-copy of employment newspaper on their website and we were able to save thousands of trees per week and also made the information of employment opportunities more reachable.That was indeed Gandhism in true spirit.

Yes, we understand that this won’t make that much difference but what if everyone start working on these principles and adding or improving what ever he can in this corrupt system. Yes, things will change and our system will.