“Bangla amar Mamatamoyee”: how dare you make fun of me? arrest her!

Illustration courtesy: Satish Acharya. "How Dare" !!!

“Bangladesh is Pakistan’s neighbour.. !?!”

A professor of chemistry at the Jadhavpur University was today arrested for allegedly spreading derogatory messages against “respectable people” through the internet. “Professor Ambikesh Mohapatra has been arrested for spreading derogatory messages against respectable persons via 65 emails.

The cartoon in question has been doing the rounds in West Bengal after Mamata forced Trivedi out of the rail ministry and put Roy in his place. Apparently, the cartoon is a caricature of Satyajit Ray‘s detective masterpiece on celluloid Sonar Kella.

Over the past few weeks a section of Kolkata‘s intellectuals who campaigned for Mamata before the 2011 assembly polls, have started protesting against what they call dictatorial tendencies of her government.

Manas Paul, an ex-Time Of India journalist takes Mamata to task. He says,

She is increasingly turning out to be the worst kind of fool to have ever been voted to power…the cartoon in question was actually the dumbest of all too. It was a simple cartoon and I did not find much of pun and fun in it. Virtually nothing. There were millions more caustic ones against the politicians as well as Mamata banarjee herself too. She should know we are not in China. Ours is India. And she also should know if she wants to take on social network or a virtual world like FB she will stand nowhere.

Manas Paul: Bangladesh is Pakistan's Neighbor said didi in an international conference in WB !!!


Cartoons are classed as NEWS…the news that exposes social, political, economic, religious maladies, and , yes of course, of Individual’s too –reflecting shades of their varied idiosyncrasies and idiocies as well.. Cartoons are essentially reflections of what was going wrong and sought to make it political satire out of it despite not actually being politically motivated and prejudiced . Cartoon is a NEWS ( refer as to how Supreme Court took cognizance of a R K Laxman’s cartoon on special exemptions of custom duties etc for the Cricket players given in Times of India). BUT… Cartoons are also part of ‘Creative arts’ and as such reflections of finer senses and also..Satire.. that bring about the subtlety and often obscured malice that beset us in our society, as imagined by the Cartoonist..There is a difference between a photograph and a cartoon. A photograph despite being again a News is different than that of the Cartoon. Photograph, and I am talking of political ones, though often satirical and poignant with message, are the moments captured , not the moment Created in Imagination by an artist. Here lies the difference…while in most of the case Cartoons do not need ‘Captions’ to tell us what it is all about… Photographs needed -mostly- a caption. And caption can be given for a twist. It so happens that because of the comments ( not caption) given with a photograph the element of satire and fun come out. ( captions meant to tell the readers what it was in reality)…. the context and perspectives could have been different…

Just recently ‘didi’ devoted goons, ran after striking employees, followed by her ban on popular newspaper in thousands of libraries ‘Poschim Bongol’ and now her same devoted goons heckled Mohapatra for defaming their ‘respectable didi’ !!

Bangladesh is Pakistan’s neighbour.. !?!

said didi, in an internationla trade meet in Kolkata.

First newspaper, now cartoons. Can she arrest R K Laxman if he ever draws her ? Someone should tell her if one day Sankar the great Cartoonist missed to draw Nehru, the PM would call him to ask what went wrong . West Bengal had hoped for a better governance and wanted respite from 34 years of CPM rule which became a nightmare. Unfortunately, Mamata with all her idocyncracies and stupidity already proved..she was a wrong choice. Something seriously amiss.

writes Manas Paul, a ex-Times of India journalist on Mamata Banerjee’s gimmick.

Former Indian Intelligence Bureau Chief Maloy Dhar ridicules Mamata on his facebook page:

Hitler Didi’s police arrests JU professor, Kolkata for creating & circulating a cartoon of Mamata in social media. She is shaming Hitler. Earlier Trinmool goons had beaten up the professor while he was returning home. Police booked the professor for cyber crime. Where are the intelligentsia of Bengal? Where are the voices of Indian democracy? How can they alow this dictator to rule in Bengal?

Felix Pinto reacted on facebook :

A rare specimen! What a bad luck my dear Benagali brothers! Either you have CPI/CPM morons or this cranky old lady! You certainly deserved something better.

Besides, questions are raised on where the WB police stands as far as legal issues are concerned. There seems to be a serious infringement of Privacy right of the arrested prof. and his neighbour. They snooped into their e-mails and no allegations of national security threat from them had been lodged against them prior to such surveillance on their private communications. Prima Facie the police with the help hackers ( who could be policemen too) broke their wall and scooped out the contents..which is again a crime. For investigation or for tracking someone or to find what was going on police needs to follow some strict procedures ( while Intel agencies have their own ways of secret surveillance into private citizen’s internet and all other communications if so they feel required, which they regularly do on suspects and also acting on specific information, but they donot ‘arrest’ on the basis of such evidence and they do not have to answer to the court of law). But police has to stand before the court of law. In the court of law I am curious to know how police would stand by their ‘evidence’ and process of collection of the evidence in exhibit.