‘Jack of All’.. Pakistan Army to setup “Apna Pakistan” amidst protest

” jack of all trades and master of none..”

I am an Indirect financier of all the Projects run by Our Army. I am a Tax payer of Pakistan.I have every right to ask why Tax Payer’s money is spent like that .
When my 16 percent of the salary is deduced and i came to know that radio channels, housing schemes, private universities and colleges are going to be financed by Pakistan Army which in turn getting this money from Gov on the name of defence and that is actually my money and I am a Tax payer and i have every valid right to raise my voice. If they could spent out of their own pockets then i have no right.
All i want is some professionalism in our Army. There should be a Difference in a Warrior and a Businessman. Army Officials dont need to become Jack of All trades and Master of None. Be a Master of Defence and that is what Pakistanis want.

asks a pakistani citizen Jawas Jutt, on Pakistan Army’s ambitious project to set up countrywide radio network ‘apna pakistan’ to expand media outreach throughout Pakistan. Objections are also raised in media about this radio project which is will be parallel to Radio Pakistan and PTV aiming to create what the Pakistan Army calls ‘social harmonisation’ and to propagate ‘state vision’ in a ‘vibrant manner.’

After the successful execution of FM radio projects in militancy-hit areas of Swat, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and Balochistan, a nationwide network of FM radios with a proposed name ‘Apna Pakistan’ is on the cards.

The network will run under the banner of 96 International Radio Network, with the military pulling the strings from behind the scene. Though most of the employees working with the network are civilians, a serving army officer will be the chief executive officer (CEO).

Taliban militants had set up their own network after having destroyed the state media network in Malakand. When the army moved in, it uprooted the militant network and established FM96 Radio Swat which has now been renamed FM96 Radio Pakhtoonkhwa.

Headed by a serving colonel of Pakistan Army, the network has continued to extend its outreach further and another station with coverage in Waziristan and Fata was later established which is now working as FM96 Pakhtoonzar. Yet another one was established for Balochistan named FM96 Vash Noori.

Equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology, the first of its kind in Pakistan, these radio networks are running ‘infotainment’ programmes – mainly local and Indian music – to counter ‘anti-state’ propaganda, officials said. Set up on February 24, 2009, the network initially used the studios of PBC/Radio Pakistan and the satellite facilities of PTV, but it now has a separate set-up in Islamabad and goes under the name of ‘Nine Six Media House’ where the latest studio facilities are available.

The only common question aired against setting up ‘apna pakistan’ is:

What is going on in Pakistan. Where is Professionalism. There are many media personals for this job. An Active duty officer have no right to run a broadcast network. After Defence Housing Authority, seting up private universities and colleges and many commercial projects now they are stepping into media business as well. So much for the Professionalism of Our Army.
We should learn from our Neighbor India is some aspects where An Army officer is only responsible to protect the borders of a country and they are not allowed to indulge in any other duty except to be a Professional Soldier and a defender of a country in the hour of need.

The army is already directing the entire media behind the scenes and now running Radio network parallel to civilian government? At a time when we want to push them back to purely military functions from running housing colonies, banks, airlines, universities, fertilizer and cement plants and other civil setups like NADRA etc. Another great business idea by Military Inc. Bloody Civilians, please get ready to pay for another 1000 employees from your taxes.