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Govt.’s media plan, Rahul’s Chintan, bans & censorships, content immaturity in coup, muslim lifestyle magazine ‘muallim’ & readers outburst on ‘army coup rumor’ !!!

Akbar-Birbal tale of the yokel who chose to look for his lost ring at a place where there was light rather than the spot where it had actually fallen.

“Looking at Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi‘s ‘review’ of the party’s debacle in the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, one is reminded of the Akbar-Birbal tale of the yokel who chose to look for his lost ring at a place where there was light rather than the spot where it had actually fallen. Much like the fool in the parable, the Congress seems to have ignored the fact that the primary cause of it’s defeat were its senior leaders from the state – Beni Prasad Verma, Sriprakash Jaiswal, Salman Khurshid and Rita Bahuguna Joshi to name a few. It is best not to expect any strict action from Mr Gandhi because if any of these leaders is held accountable the blame will sooner or later land at his own doorstep, or at least that of his mentor Digvijaya Singh, who had an equally important say in matters like candidate selectio.”

Delhi Premier League: Babus v/s Ex-servicemen

Civil servants posted in various Delhi government departments and civic agencies are up in arms against retired defence service personnel angling for plum postings. The Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands Civil Service (DANICS) officers don’t want any exservicemen to bag high-profile positions in the DDA, MCD and the Delhi government. A senior official of the Delhi secretariat said.

We already have limited opportunities to work, we keep shifting between the Union Territories and if even here such new, untrained personnel are brought in – our career, promotion aspects will suffer the most. We are at a loss to understand if these retired defence personnel are so competent why did they leave the services before retirement or superannuation.

Officers are contemplating going on a ‘protest strike for a day’.

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Govt. plans for strengthening reach of media units & administration

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is contemplating to introduce structural improvements for strengthening the performance and reach of different media units . Uday Kumar Varma, Secretary to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry said:

all media units need to bring transparency and encourage work culture to flourish, for improving the information dissemination mechanism. This would help in reaching out to the common masses with the information about policies, programmes, achievements and initiatives of the central government, in a better way.

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India has witnessed a number of instances of ban on books, films, plays and ideologies in the last two decade. From Salman Rushdie‘s The Satanic Verses to MF Husain’s nude paintings of Hindu godessess, from Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal’s adaptation of American play Vagina Monologues to Vijay Tendulkar’s Marathi masterpiece Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy and from NRI filmmaker Deepa Mehta to Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap, India has seen a series of bans, censorships, court cases, allegations, threats and violence.

Are we a nation of bans and censorships? Is India not ready to accomodate voice of dissent? Do we really get ‘hurt’ by an induvidual’s opinion on religion, morality and social conduct? Or is it merely a matter of whim of an individual or a group? asked the readers and here’s their response.

In our survey, 59 % people agreed that Indians are incapable of dissent and criticism while 38 % thought otherwise. Three per cent respondents had no opinion.

In our survey, a whopping 76 % responded ‘Yes’ freedom of expression is under threat in India, while a meagre 20 % felt it was not the case. Four per cent of the people could not decide.

Though 41 % of our respondents believed and independent tribunal should look into objectionable content, 52% respondents said nobody should decide what to ban and nothing should be banned. Only 7 % respondents believed the government is the best agency to regulate objectionable content.

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Emergencies exercises from Hissar and Agra Army bases towards New Delhi were misunderstood by the media, as a Coup attempt to topple the democratically elected governement.

The major misguidence created by such news was linking the Ground Battle Maunevours to the disputed statements and legal battle of the Indian Army Chief’s against the Union Government, to make some sensation…. In a larger democracies like India, it is really unmature to think of coup attempts against government, as all the other two branches of Defense Forces viz, Air Force and Navy have got their individual Chiefs for whom there are no special disputes with the Union governement. Coup in big nations is unrealistic sans participation of three wings of the Defense Forces with a pre-motivated objective. So, the allegged coup attempt to overthrow the Indian government is a news that shows its content unmaturity.

By dchaitanya.

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“Muallim” Muslim Lifestyle magazine in May

Maxim Media Pvt. Ltd. a media house based in Mumbai has announced to launch Muallim, a Muslim Lifestyle magazine in English language in the Month of May 2012. The magazine, “Muallim,” will be the first of its kind to be published from Mumbai in an attractive 4 colour format, which will enrich the lifestyle of Muslim Families. Regular feature will be on Islamic theology and contemporary affairs in Muslim world. Editor-in-Chief of Muallim, Ubaidur Rahaman Qasmi, an Alim from Darul Uloom Deoband and a member of Islamic Investment and Finance Board of India, said,

taking a cue from the lecture of Hazrat Maulana Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadawi (R) “We should quickly move to form an Islamic media, otherwise Europe will invade us and deform our ethics” delivered in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia -1976). We are introducing “Muallim, to enrich lives of Muslim who are well versed with English language.

Appreciating the concept, Hazrat Maulana Rabey Hasan Nadawi, President All Indian Muslim Personal Law board, said,

“The time is apt for Muallim to hit the market as there is dearth of such literature which focuses on Islamic upbringing and on contemporary issues.”

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Readers outburst on ‘Army Coup Rumor’

The editorial “Misplaced fears” (April 5) has rightly questioned the rationale behind the full-page coverage given by The Indian Express to the troop movement story with a sensational headline, after stating the word “C” implied ‘ curious’ and nothing else.

Ever since Army Chief General V.K. Singh’s age row came into the open, many television channels have been giving undue publicity to the controversy and sensationalising news pertaining to defence matters.

The media should exercise the utmost caution and avoid publishing reports that are alarmist. Such reports not only dampen the spirit of our proud and heroic Army but also strengthen the enemy.

C.A.C. MurugappanKothamangalam

The editorial and the cartoon (April 6) are a telling comment on speculative journalism. While television news channels are vying with one another to reap maximum benefit, irrespective of the implications of their observations for the morale of the Army, The Hindu needs to be complimented on tackling the controversy with a sense of responsibility.

But I do not understand the argument that The Indian Express is well within its rights to write about a sensitive matter like this. If a sensitive issue is “overblown” and the content is “alarmist,” why not condemn it unequivocally? Given the kind of sensationalism certain media houses are resorting to, it is important to send the message that the media must regulate themselves and exercise restraint.

Y.L. SrinivasHyderabad

It is extremely distressing to see accusations and counter accusations flying thick and fast in the media, particularly the 24×7 television channels, on the discord between the government and the Army.

The Army is one of the most respected institutions and should be allowed to remain so. Television news channels, especially some of their anchors, should be banned from airing atrocious comments which not only demean the government and the defence forces but also bring disrepute to the nation.

Raj SabapathyChennai

The entire truth about the alleged troop movement is yet to unfold. Several questions remain unanswered, leading to wild speculation. The Prime Minister should come out with an open statement on whether all procedures were observed before the exercise and the civil administration was taken into confidence. The government should tighten its hold on the armed forces while giving them full operational freedom in day-to-day matters. Let us look around at our neighbours to avoid any cataclysm, anticipated, apprehended or imagined.

S.V. VenkatakrishnanBangalore

Gen. Singh’s remark that the report on troop movement was “absolutely stupid” is unacceptable. There was a movement of troops near Delhi. It is also true that the Army Chief was aggrieved over his DoB issue. Since the troop movement was a severe case showcasing the mistrust between the Army and the government, all things must be addressed to protect our democracy.

Sameer Abbas ZaidiBareilly