Mukesh Ambani’s Wankhede lift felled as demolition goes ahead

Back down to Earth with a bang: BMC worker is demilishing Ambani's Lift at Wankhad in mumbai on  12th  April ,2012.

Back down to Earth with a bang: BMC worker is demilishing Ambani's Lift at Wankhad in mumbai on 12th April ,2012.

There’s no way Mukesh Ambani, one of India‘s richest and most powerful people, could have seen this coming.

The Brihan Mumbai Corporation (BMC) on Thursday began demolition work on an elevator especially commissioned by the industrialist at the Wankhede Stadium. BMC officials said the elevator was being brought down because Ambani had failed to get the required sanction from the civic agency.

The demolition exercise follows a March 31 ‘stop work’ order issued by the BMC to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), which manages the stadium. However, although with the MCA’s consent, the elevator was being built at Ambani’s own expense. The Reliance honcho has been a regular at Wankhede ever since he purchased the Indian Premier League‘s Mumbai Indians franchise. Courtesy of the ongoing IPL season, Ambani floated the idea of the elevator to ease his passage to the stadium’s corporate boxes – the luxury air-conditioned sections above every level of the pavilion.

Despite its exclusivity, the boxes have to be accessed by the common stairs, which Ambani was reportedly averse to climbing. Following this, MCA officials forwarded the appeal to its committee for the final word. The committee granted the sanction, albeit on the condition that Ambani would foot the whole bill.

The committee also made it clear that the use of the lift would not be restricted to Ambani and his brood and be open for everyone who reserves any of the stadium’s 18 corporate boxes as well as MCA officials. Even as the BMC tore down the elevator, the cricket body claimed that the committee’s approval was subject to Ambani securing a go-ahead from the civic agency apart from the other authorities involved.

courtesy: MailOlineIndia & Krishna Kumar

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