India’s Oprah, Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan(Sataymev Jayate)’s efforts may make a dent where the Indian health secretary can’t.

Tripti Lahiri writes in her column in  WSJ‘s INDIAREALTIME:

…In a culture that reveres Bollywood, and celebrity in general, his (Aamir Khan’s)  efforts may make a dent where the health secretary can’t.

……..In the first of 13 episodes, Mr. Khan began with one-on-one conversations, Oprah Winfrey-style, with two women about how they were treated after giving birth to daughters.

…….“Satyamev Jayate” takes elements of the female empowerment talk show associated with Oprah Winfrey, journalism, public service announcements and reality TV interactivity and throws them all together. Only in geeky India would a movie star feel the need to add graphs and charts to the mix.

…….Will the Rajasthan government respond to Mr. Khan’s letter and audience SMS’s? Will the trials proceed faster and will the show change attitudes that are deeply entrenched? It’s a little too early to be upbeat about any of these things — Mr. Khan may well be preaching to the choir — but unlike some of the skeptics among the Twitterati, we’re happy to give Mr. Khan lots of props for devoting 90 minutes to trying.

…..In the meantime, the show seems likely to continue its focus on women and children – and is likely to be as bleak next week. We’re guessing child abuse, from the spot that showed a woman telling Mr. Khan, “Believe what your child tells you,” as he wipes a tear from his eye.

Read the full article: India’s Oprah, Aamir Khan


3 thoughts on “India’s Oprah, Aamir Khan

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