Dilip Kumar’s life under threat, but from whom & for what??Nobody has answer !!!

Talking of security , if there’s anybody who still wants a glimpse of 89-year-old Dilip Kumar, the man can be spotted every evening in full white, taking his customary walk at Joggers’ Park in Bandra which is kept open for him after the rest of the public has left. Dilip Kumar arrives in his Merc with a police jeep as escort. Is Dilip Kumar’s life in danger? Isn’t security to be given only when there continues to be a threat to one’s life? Makes one wonder if the tax payer should really be made to shell out because someone achieves fame and fans have to be kept at arm’s length.

In fact, he was given security after receiving “threatening” call  for not demanding anything but just as a strange act of insanity by “anonymous” person !!!. Not only that, his decade-old beefed security was been beefed up for thespian Dilip Kumar after he received threatening telephone calls, again.

The then, Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) Ranjit Singh Sharma had confirmed that he had been provided high security. However, the police has not acted on a complaint filed by Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar was quoted as saying that he has been receiving anonymous calls, but that the callers were not demanding money. He described it as strange act of insanity.

The Union home ministry has informed the state government about the threat to the veteran actor with instructions to step up security for him.


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