India’s @Pooja Patel twitter trend: Good Morning!I have been receiving far too many morning kisses frm you ..Flying Kisses to all!

Pooja Patel: @Poojapatel: Good Morning !! I have been receiving far too many morning kisses msgs frm you .. Its crazy stuff !! Flying Kisses to all !!

Tweeted Pooja Patel this (saturday 5 2012) morning to her 21268 follower !!!

In the past few days, Twitter has been abuzz with one name—Pooja Patel. All that the followers of her Twitter handle @Poojapatel, know is that she is a Gujarati girl, and  has set her location as New Delhi/Auckland. Her profile reveals that she has only tweeted 40-odd-times, but has over 21,000 plus,  followers. All thanks to her display picture. #PoojaPatel that is driving everyone on twitter crazy! People are tweeting about this Pooja Patel so much that the topic has already started trending in 7 countries!!!

But if you want to know the REAL story behind #PoojaPatel, read on! Here is the scoop, @PoojaPatel came alive on twitter after not tweeting for nearly 3 years… the trend actually started when @shadez discovered that this @PoojaPatel  hadn’t tweeted, but one tweet and had 20K followers! A couple of his followers took notice, and well… that is how the trend began!

After 3 years of not tweeting, and magically tweeting the day your name begins to trend was quite fishy to some people. People believe @PoojaPatel’s account is hacked, and is being operated by someone else. Whatever it may be… thank you for the Internet entertainment! Almost 24 hours later and #PoojaPatel is still trending…. wow… I am speechless!

The first tweet on her profile is from February 13, 2009, says, “searching for some good friends (sic).”

And it seems she only re-opened her Twitter account on May 2 this year, and her second tweet that comes after almost two-and-a-half years reads, “OMG ! So Many messages… : ) (sic)”

And by then her name was surprisingly trending, which prompted tweets like, “I was wondering why twitter spammed me with emails today.. now i look at this place..(sic)”; and “ppl sending me strange messages that are not even funny..(sic).”

It is anybody’s guess whether her profile is fake or real, but it sure reveals a lot about the wonders of a revealing display picture and how socila media has made it easy for nobody’s to achieve fame overnight.

One of Pooja’s tweets reads, “Who is Pooja Patel ? – A : am a girl on a secret mission, and no i havent been offered a bollywood movies yet… lol ..(sic)” Well, going by her ability to grab eyeballs she could sure land some plump Bollywood projects.


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