Fine Print: Rajya Sabha to vote on Indian Media Censorship!

The Rajya Sabha is expected to vote on a motion on Friday that seeks to annul rules enabling individuals to demand removal of any content they deem offensive, on the grounds that these guidelines restrict freedom of expression. (courtesy: Bhuvaneshwari Joshi)

4 thoughts on “Fine Print: Rajya Sabha to vote on Indian Media Censorship!

  1. The first thing they should censor are the Fairness creams ads. We are allowing ourselves to become victims of self -hate by allowing this non-stop brainwashing that the white race is superior. Because of the inferiority complex this brutal advertisement engenders, we as brown Indians are UNABLE to say no to the White races when ithey dump their waste and failed dangerous technologies in our land, when these are banned in their own countries. This creates a self loathing in our countrymen for we cannot help but be brown, and also leaves us behind in education and other skills as we waste too much time on how we look and worry too much about how others perceive of us. And a national obsession for whiteness takes over. White is absence of color and bland and the White Race spends billions turning brown with tanning lotions. Once we learn to love ourselves AS WE ARE only then will we be able to love others such as our own countrymen. this fairness creams peddling has resulted in the ruling Junta giving preference to white outsiders in land takeovers, business takeovers and deprivation of their own people.
    Please start a movement to stop color racism in India and insist on equal representation of all colored Indians from all States in ads,
    commercials and films. Only then will we rid ourselves of this evil racist scourge.

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