Padmashri Dr. Girish Kasaravalli supports’No Dubbing in Kannada’

On the reported statement that I would give my life to stop dubbing taking entry to Kannada cinema on 84th birth anniversary of Dr Rajakumar at Dr Rajakumar Memorial on 24th April, Shivarajakumarhas got wonderful support from the media and some of the bigwigs of the Kannada cinema industry.

The most important phone call  Shivarajakumar remembered today at Charminar Kannada film launch speaking to media is the one from one of the pioneers of parallel cinema Padmasri Dr Girish Kasaravalli. You have made the right statement at the right time said Dr GK to Shivarajakumar.

Actor Vijay, producer MR Pattabhiram and various others said we would follow Shivarajakumar is a good sign of development informed Shiv. At the Charminar briefing Shivarajakumar sitting with Premkumar and director R Chandru on the spot got the support. Lovely star Premkumar said I would Shivanna in this issue of dubbing ban. R Chandru went a step ahead and said he would give life for Shivarajakumar.

Shivararajakumar politely stated that even television media has to mend in a different way. The channels while making the calls they should not control it.

On the dubbing issue I am not against to the law. We should protect our mother and mother tongue is my sole intention. The issue of egoism is causing disturbances here in Kannada filmdom. From the statement on that day half are scared disclosed Shivarajakumar.

2 thoughts on “Padmashri Dr. Girish Kasaravalli supports’No Dubbing in Kannada’

  1. kothi kaige manikya kotta hange agedhe namma paristhithe, ivanu yaru namage heluvudhu yenu noda beku antha. kannada na nijavaglu kole madutheruvudhu ivare. ivanobbane karnatakadalli gandu antha ankondidhane navu kooda ready adhenu madukothane nodona.

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