‘Singhvi Sexcapade’: (Video) Netizens v/s Government Of India War

The Abhishek Manu Singhvi Sex Video Controversy has raised several questions on Media in India.

Although the Airing of the video and News about it is banned by the High Court of Delhi but Some netizens managed to Upload this video online and share it via Youtube, facebook And Twitter.
The internet Users Have Also questioned Silence of the Mainstream Media and The Major Opposition Party The Bhartiya Janata Party.

But Singhvi’s Sex Video is all over on the internet. The Video Upload and Sharing is serious violation of Cyber Law.

But the question here is why everybody is so silent outside the virtual space about this video?

The Video has caused War between Government and the Netizens. The Internet users are demanding mainstream media to air this news.

Note: This is an amatuer video and the uploader is a छुटभैय्या टाइप पत्रकार।

(courtesy: YouTube)

8 thoughts on “‘Singhvi Sexcapade’: (Video) Netizens v/s Government Of India War

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