If you are still not wearing such handcuffs in Bengal, Subha Nava Varsha and read on…

The Telegraph describes the present situation in West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee….

First, you can’t laugh in Bengal at the expense of those in power.

“This is very autocratic….
I earlier did not want to use the word `scary’ but I have to admit that this scares me,“

said economist Abhirup Sarkar, who has been a vocal supporter of the new government on several issues.

Second, even the everyday act of circulating something that you have found humorous could cause you bodily harm and invite police action.

Third, if you happen to be the secretary of your residential society and if someone uses the society’s mail to send jokes that the ruling party finds offensive, you are in trouble.

Fourth, the offence of attempting to outrage the modesty of a woman has been given a mystifying definition.
The Telegraph is publishing the cartoon (left) so that readers can make up their own mind if it outrages the modesty of anyone and if it is obscene as charged.

Sukanta Chaudhuri, professor emeritus, Jadavpur University,the renowned academic known for measured words, expressed incredulity.

“When the chief minister of the state is a woman, then should every criticism of the government now amount to insulting the honour of a woman? Then any speech becomes impossible!“

If you manage to escape or survive all the tribulations mentioned above, you still can be beaten up near your home and forced to sign a confessional statement -the fate that awaited Mahapatra, the chemistry professor, on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday .

CM Mamata says,

Mischief, If someone commits some mischief, what will police do? Won’t they arrest him? And if somebody is arrested, the CPM’s two channels and a handful of newspapers will start a slander campaign against us.They will show it through the day . I will feed you (CPM) well, dress you well, let you sleep in a cool room and ensure all comforts but you have to go to sleep for 10 years.“

The last sentence was a message to the CPM.


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