Publishers to debate Indian book printing at London Book Fair

A panel of leading international publishers will discuss the changing face of the Indian book printing industry at the “Indian Noon” conference at next week’s London Book Fair.The panel, which will be moderated by Redwood Publishing group editor Dominic Mills, will discuss the benefits to publishers of offshore book printing as well as looking at printing and publishing trends on the sub-continent.

Random House divisional production director Neil Bradford, HarperCollins operations director David Murray and Baker & Taylor vice president for academic/educational merchandising and digital printing David Hetherington will form the panel.

Pramod Khera, executive director of Repro India, who will kick-start the event with an overview of the Indian book print industry, said it was important to the sector for Indian book printers to focus on boosting their export sales.

“The Indian book print exports are negligible, even to the English speaking countries. This needs to change and the only way of doing this is through increasing interactions between the stake holders”, he added.

The theme for the conference, which will be held in the Old Press Centre at Earls Court from 4-6pm on 16 April, is: Discover Indian Bookonomics – Ability, Affordability, Adaptability.

A selection of leading Indian book printers, including Gopsons Papers, International Print–o–Pac, Jayant Printery, Kalajyothi Process, Lovely Offset, Manipal Technologies, MultiVista Global, Nutech Print Services, Replika Press, Repro India and Thomson Press, will also participate in the event.

The objectives for the conference are: to present the strengths of India to publishers; to reveal the changing face of the Indian book printer; to discuss the fast growing Indian book market; to examine the challenges faced by the publishers in distributing content through various media; and to enable networking between buyers and media partners.

The idea for the “Indian Noon” conference was proposed during the inaugural National Book Printer’s Conference (NBPC), which was held at Thiruvanthapuram, India in November 2011.

The London Book Fair 2012 will be held between 16-18 April at Earls Court, London.

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