RTI Anonymous: “One Stop Solution” to Fight Corruption in India !!!

RTI Anonymous is an online service, through which, any Indian citizen can File Right to Information (RTI) Applications Anonymously. They DO NOT HAVE TO REVEAL THEIR IDENTITY. The RTI Anonymous Community will file those RTI Applications in their name and upload the documents obtained as a reply on this website. The original requester will get an email when this happens. The original requester just has to draft the RTI Application as much as he/she can and the RTI Anonymous community will take care of the rest.

A lot of people, wonder — How does RTI Anonymous really work ? How can an Anonymous RTI work?  Is it even legal ?
So this page explains in detail, on how it really works ..

RTI Anonymous in its true sense, is NOT Anonymous  !!! Its real people filing real RTI.
RTI Anonymous is not based anywhere, but based everywhere, there is a wi-fi/internet connection.

See below – How RTI Anonymous Works:

How Does RTI Anonymous Work

STEP 1: So person A, who is based in say, Kanpur has a problem with a particular road in his locality and needs to file an RTI Request. He submits a request to RTI Anonymous, with details ofthe Public Information officer and his set of questions.

STEP 2: An expert in drafting RTI (in our case, for example, an Ex PIO and retired Registrar from Bangalore or a RTI Activist in Pune ) will draft the RTI. Few other experts in drafting  RTI’s, based either in different parts of India or Concerned NRI’s from different parts of the world, review and draft the RTI.The RTI Request is now moved to the Drafted RTI Request Category. If the Experts decide that the request is frivolous or does not need anonymity or just to vague and needs more information, then its moved  to its appropriate category (Non RTINon-Anonymous RTI orUnclear RTI Category).

Step 3:  Once drafted, a concerned citizen from say, Chennai takes printout of this drafted RTI and puts in the IPO for the required amount and speed posts it.He then updates the website with the speed post number.

The RTI Request is now moved to the Filed RTI’s Category.

STEP 4: Once the Chennai guy receives the reply, he just takes a picture of the documents received with his cell phone or digital camera. Uploads it to his computer and then uploads it to the website. At times, he just does a normal post to one of the RTI Anonymous’s Core Team Member and they would then upload these documents to the website.

STEP 5:  Once uploaded, the original requestor (from Kanpur or wherever) gets an automated email and he can then download the documents that he had recieved.

Also any Public Interest Litigation (PIL) lawyers or Journalist/Reporters can also download these documents from this website.

Remember —

  • The RTI is filed by a guy from say, Chennai.
  • Drafted in say,  Pune  or London
  • Reviewed in USA/Sweden/Hisar-Haryana  etc. 
  • And the original request is to some govt. office in say Kanpur 
  • And the govt. documents are uploaded to a website by either the guy who filed or RTI-A  team member


Infact, even the founders  of RTI Anonymous, have not met each other personally, yet !! 

There is no head-office of RTI Anonymous !!

RTI-Anonymous does not depend on the government controlled traditional newspapers or news channels.

In this age of Facebook/Twitter, we do our own publicity !!

Every scanned RTI documents are eventually uploaded to Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and shared extensively: FACEBOOK ALBUM

We do not depend on donations. RTI Anonymous was originally conceptualised as a self funding initiative.

Any Donations are accepted with gratitude and as a mark of appreciation, for our effort. Every single paisa goes to the filing of the RTI’s.

Our entire accounts are completely transparent at RTI-Anonymous Accounts

UNTOUCHABLES: Three pillars of RTI Anonymous, Anand Sharma, Avnish Singh & Ritesh Singh !!!

UNTOUCHABLES: Three pillars of RTI Anonymous, Anand Sharma, Avnish Singh & Ritesh Singh !!!

RTI Anonymous success stories into 3 categories

Public Interest RTI A Success Stories

1)  Construction of Kharagpur Bridge  
Here is the details of the RTI applied — http://getup4change.org/rti/76/delay-in-construction-of-kharagpur-bridge/
To See the photoes of the Construction of Kharagpur Bridge after the RTI was applied
2) Fake Degrees provided by Janardan Rai Universtiy – Rajasthan 
The Entire details of the RTI and the reply from IGNOU, stating that the university is not eligible to issue those degrees…
The sad thing is the univeristy is still issuing these degrees and if you read thru the entire post — you would see how many students & people have been cheated here .
The photo-es can also be found at —
3) Corruption at Road Construction of Ghorakpur – Gopalgunj Section, LMNHP -9.

The documents .. that clearly shows major corruption at NH 28 
4) PWD Authorities admit the bad Road Conditions in Sagar MadhyaPradesh 
5) WiFi Scam in IIT Roorkee (This information has helped many students in all IIT’s ) 
The photoes are at —
6) Scholarship Scam in Chandrapur College 
Complete details can be found at –
Article written by Mrs Vinita Deshmukh about this issue in Money Life
7) RTO Offices all over Uttar Pradesh is coruption Free. 
Details can be found at —
A Lot of detailscan be found here https://sites.google.com/site/justice4sprahul/
8) Inspire  Scholarship Scam in IIT’s 
RTI A Success Story of Exposing Scams/Corruption 

 Irregularities in Expenditure of Members of Parliament in the Lok Sabha
The Original RTI with all the details are at — http://getup4change.org/rti/737/money-spent-by-mps-lok-sabha/
2) Madhya Pradesh High Court Judges given undue favours by Chief Minister’s Office

This was the original RTI applied by late Ms Shehla Masood. The entire documents obtained, with brief explanation of the scam can be found at – 
You can also find the same here (a bit better organized) —
3) Total Amount Spent By Dr. Manmohan Signh Government for Publishing Ads on Rajiv Gandhi’s Birthday, Death Anniversary since 2004 till 2010
A More organized and summarized  info with photoes at —
4) Robert Vadra exempted from Security Checks at Airports
5) Irregularities in the promotions in railways
RTI A Success Story for Individuals 

1) Provident Fund for a Senior Citizen 
The details with the letter claiming that PF has been released is at — http://getup4change.org/rti/847/not-getting-my-pf-settlement-amount/

2) Official Documents that will help employees of Engineers India Ltd. to claim their mobile bills 
3) Misuse of a Garden Plot ,  being used as godown and industrial/commercial Use
4) Unauthorized Construction in Chennai , with reply confirming that no such permission has been given for the construction
5) Passport for a citizen thru RTI Anonymous 
These are the useless/nonsense replies that we have received from the Government Officials. A lot of these haven’t been closely reviewed yet and we are slowly working towards it .. and see which of them is a success story …

For discussing how you or your organization can help or collaborate, please contact:

For Other General Queries, please contact:

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