Visa Hanuman in Amdavad !!!

A board outside Ahmedabad’s Chamatkarik Hanuman Temple
says that special poojas will be performed for getting visa to go abroad

If you are one of those longing

to get a visa to fly abroad,
then instead of standing in a
long queue outside the visa
office, try standing in a queue
outside the ‘Sidhdheshwer
Chamatkarik Hanuman Temple’. Locals believe that the
God in the temple helps all
those who aspire for a visa.
The temple is located in the
city of Ahmedabad in the state
of Gujarat. All you have to do
is bring your visa documents
to the temple and wait for your
turn to keep your plea in front
of ‘Visa Hanuman’.
The temple is 400 years
old, where hundreds of devotees throng at the temple to
pray for a visa. Every Saturday
about 4,000 devotees arrive
at the temple, out of which 50
percent are those, who come to
pray for a visa. The devotees
have to come with their papers
and passports, which are laid at
the feet of the god by the priest.
The priest then asks the devotee to recite a prayer of Lord
Hanuman. The locals believe
that if the prayer is done with
true heart, then the devotee
will get his visa within a month.
Apart from the city, people from
all over the state come to pray
for their visas. Now, that’s one
belief that is deep.
“It is believed that if the
ritual is performed in earnest,
the devotee gets the visa within
a month,” says Bhushan Bhatt,
a local corporator. “Apart from
Ahmedabad, devotees from
Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, and
smaller towns and villages
across the state come in large
numbers to this temple. It’s
a matter of belief. Devotees
have firm faith that after visiting
the temple, their visa will be
granted,” adds Bhatt

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