Even while Indian Courts are yet to assess whether the Evidence collected by invetigators appointed by India’s Supreme Court on material filed in the Smat Zakia Ahsan Jafri  and Citizens for Justice case make out a case to prosecute Narendra Modi, chief minister Gujarat and Cabinet Colleagues, Administratos and Policemen, a US based Magazine supposedly “liberal” and Brookings Institute collecvtively promote him as the promoter of inclusive development (sic) and a future national leader.

 Quite apart from the selective facts reflected in both pieces of work, the timing is significant. Weeks after the Tenth Anniversary of independent India’s worst ever anti minority carmage, during which Indian newspapers and periodicals accurately showcased the state of the victim community in Gujarat as also the progress of the cases, the fact that overall figures of Gujarat’s economic and social development have been manipulated exposes both exercises for the poor but highly motivated public relations exercises that they are.

Modi’s Regime not just in 2002 but over the past ten years typifies a post pogrom autocratic reality living within “democratic” numbers; lived fascism if you like. Both need to be protested even as we have questions about the sources. In the five years between 2004-05 and 2009-10, Gujarat’s per capita income nearly doubled from Rs32,021 to Rs63,961. In the same period its neighbour Maharashtra, the perceived languishing laggard, saw its per capita income grow from Rs35,915 to Rs74,027. Several states besides Gujarat have shown triple digit growth in their gross domestic product (the value of goods and services produced in a year) in recent years, and Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have bigger economies. Gujarat now runs a revenue deficit—it spends more than it earns—and its surplus has disappeared. Several other states have improved their fiscal positions meanwhile. Reforms? Five states passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act before Gujarat did in 2005, and 20 states preceded Gujarat in implementing value-added tax. Surplus power? Several states, including some in the North-East, have that. Agricultural growth? And did the Narmada project, which preceded Modi, have nothing to do with it?

Finally, TIME and BROOKINGS would do well to glance at the following



2. Dear Narendrabhai, Could You Please… …answer some questions?

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The victims of the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat are still to get justice but are determined to continue the fight.,9263,501120326,00.html

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