Home Remedies For Urine & Urinary Tract Infection

Urine infection is a common problem among women and is caused due to bacterial infection in the urethre, which then travels across the urinary tract. One can come in contact with the bacteria during sexual intercoures, unhygenic conditions, restricting urination for too long etc. Urine infections symptoms start from stomach pain, burning sensation in the urinary tract, dribble urination and can also lead to more serious illnesses. Home remedies for urine infection can cure the problem if started at an early stge of the disease.

Urine Infection Home Remedies – 

1.One of the useful urine infection home remedies is to boil some water with blue brinjal plant leaves and drink it when hot. One should drink it twice a day.

2.Cranberry juice is often called a natural antibiotic and is one of the well known home remedies for urine infection. It helps the body to build resistance againt the bacteria E coli, which creates the disease. One to two cup of cranberry juice is enough for cure.

3.Blueberries too works in the same way as cranberry juice and one should eat a handful of them twice a day to make it effective.

4.Mix one spoon of baking soda in water and drink it twice a day. Baking power in water increases the ph of the water, which makes it easy for the body to flush it out. This will help flush out all the bacterias.

Apart from these four urine infection home remedies, one should stop intake of soft drinks and use more of ginger and garlic in food. There anti-bacterial properties help to kill the germs.

Urinary Tract Infection:

Do you suffer from urinary tract infection? Some home remedies should definitely be able to treat the bacterial infection and help you get over it. Take a look.

The infection may happen due to using toilets that are not hygienic, through sexual intercourse, control the urge to urinate. Some precaution such as drinking lots of water, preventing intercourse with different partners etc can definitely prevent urinarytract infection.

But those who are already suffering from the infection should have to follow these home remedies.

Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection – Natural Cure

1. Drinking vitamin C rich fruit juices like pineapple and other citrus is good during the time. Water is the best medicine for the ailment, drinking more and more water will flush out the bacteria in the tract causing relief. Cranberry is good to treat UTI even in pregnant women.

2. Avoid coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. Make a concoction of the herbs like cinnamon, uva ursi, buchu tea leaves, hapusha (juniper berries) are good home remedies for urinary infection.

3. Barley water, tender coconut water and butter milk are also best solutions. Par boiled barley (about 20-30) is the best diuretic which neutralizes the acid levels in the bladder relieving severe burning.

4. A herb by name ‘Echinacea’ has the power to kill the bacteria that cause the infection so drinking the tea of the herb will treat and cure completely. Echinacea capsules and medicines are also available to treat UTI. Avoid adding sugar to these concoctions.

5. Other herbs like Astragalus, Barberry and Garlic are good supplements to kill the bacteria. Drinking a glass of the herb juice will gradually cure the burning sensation and bladder infection.

Home Remedies For Burns

Each year, 6-7 million Indians suffer from burn injuries. This high incidence can be attributed to the lack of proper safety measures. For serious burn injuries, it is mandatory to seek medical help as soon as possible. However, minor burns like sunburns or household burns, can be treated with certain home remedies to minimize pain. These home remedies include easy-to-follow steps using materials that you will find in your kitchen.

Lavender Oil: Apart from its uses in aromatherapy, lavender oil is also used as a popular home remedy for minor burns. Its main use is to prevent the stinging pain associated with burns and protects the inner layers of the skin around the burnt area from infection.

Tea Bags: A handy treatment for curing minor kitchen burns, tea bags help to draw out heat from the area. Both black and green teas are known for their anti-oxidizing and cooling properties. All you need to do is just dip a tea bag in a bowl of cold water and then apply it directly over the area. This will not only help to soothe the pain but also prevent any kind of infection on the burnt area. A second method involves mixing 3-4 tea bags in 4 cups of boiling water and then adds 2 cups of fresh mint leaves to it. Allow this to cool and then slowly dab this concoction over the area using a swab of cotton.

Honey: In case you don’t have access to vinegar, coat a layer of honey over the burnt area. According to studies, dressing burnt areas with honey promotes healing and reduces the pain. This is because honey helps to draw out fluids from the tissues thereby effectively cleaning the wound. Alternately, you can also apply honey using a piece of cloth or a sterile gauge bandage.

Vinegar: An outstanding first-aid burn treatment is by using diluted vinegar on the area. This compound acts as an antiseptic and astringent thus helping to prevent any kind of infection on the burnt area. Before applying, dilute equal parts of vinegar and water. Next, using a clean piece of cloth, cover the injured area with this solution. If you feel the pain becoming stronger again after sometime, replace the cloth with a fresh one.

Cool Water: An important first aid for curing first and second degree burns is by cooling the burnt area under cold running water. This should be done for around 10-15 minutes or until the pain subsides a little. If this is not possible, immerse the burnt area directly in cold water or use a cold compressor. However, remember not to put ice directly after injury. The prime aim of cooling the burn is to reduce the swelling by conducting the heat away from the skin.

Plantain Leaves: A very popular remedy for treating burns, the leaves of the herbaceous Plantain plant are known for their mild anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial actions. All you need to do is smash the leaves properly and apply it directly over the burnt area. Although native to Europe and Asia, these plants can be found in almost all places where there is sufficient water. The main component in these leaves that help to cure burn cases are tannins, mucilage and iridoid glycosides.